Antrim BIC Church Women’s Ministry is excited to invite you to this special Live Stream Event!! 

Adorned ~
Women Mentoring Women The Titus 2 Way

September 29 – 30



$25.00 per person
included lunch and light refreshments

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Antrim BIC Church

Adorned Format

Revive ’17 builds upon Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s new legacy work on Titus 2. The book Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together is a powerful vision for women to live in community as God designed it. To help women understand how to invest themselves into the lives of younger women, Revive ’17 will include

  • Compelling messages from several speakers based on each chapter of Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s book, Adorned.
  • Fourteen entertaining skits complementing the messages.
  • Practical take-aways you can implement right away.
  • Networking with like-minded leaders from across the country.
  • Spiritually energizing prayer and refreshment for your soul.
  • Encouragement and equipping for your ministry.

Adorned Topics

The instructions to women in Titus 2 provides a roadmap to experience the kind of community and influence God designed for the church and the world.

  1. A Woman Adorned . . . and Adorning: Beauty Secrets of Titus 2
  2. Doctrine, You, and Titus 2: The “What” and the “Now What”
  3. Don’t Give Up on That Modeling Career: Aging Beautifully—at All Ages
  4. Grow Up and Step Up: Teaching and Learning—Life-to-Life
  5. Revival of Reverence: Living in Sacred Service
  6. You Don’t Say: Abstaining from Slander
  7. At Liberty: Experiencing Freedom from Bondage
  8. A “Sophron” State of Mind: Developing Self-Control
  9. Passionate About Purity: Pursuing Holiness in an Unholy World
  10. Taste of Heaven: Cultivating a Heart for Home
  11. Need Help Lovin’ That Man: Training Our Hearts for Relationship
  12. An Unexpected Blessing: Discovering the Strength and Beauty of Submission
  13. Life-Givers in Training: Embracing the Gifts of Motherhood
  14. Instruments of Grace: Showing a Deeper Kind of Kindness

Conference Schedule

Friday, September 29

12:00 pm: Registration & Information Desk Opens

1:30–4:30 pm: Session 1

Beauty Secrets of Titus 2
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

The “What” and the “Now What?”
Mary Kassian

Aging Beautifully—at All Ages
Susan Hunt

4:30–6:30 pm: Dinner Break
Dinner on your own

6:30–9:30 pm: Session 2

Teaching and Learning—Life-to-Life
Susan Hunt

Living in Sacred Service
Mary Kassian

Abstaining from Slander
Damaris Carbaugh

Saturday, September 30

7:30 am: Information Desk Opens

8:30 am–12:00 pm: Session 3

Experiencing Freedom from Bondage
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Developing Self-Control
Mary Kassian

Pursuing Holiness in an Unholy World
Dannah Gresh

Cultivating a Heart for Home
Betsy Goméz

12:00–1:30 pm: Lunch Break
Lunch provided

1:30–5:00 pm: Session 4

Training Our Hearts for Relationship
Dannah Gresh

Discovering the Strength and Beauty of Submission
Blair Linne

Embracing the Gifts of Motherhood
Blair Linne

Showing a Deeper Kind of Kindness
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth